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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Ready-To-Order mean?

You can skip the time consuming and expensive design phase when you are looking to update or replace your current set. Think of our stock models as a blank canvas for your materials, imagery and design. With construction already planned out, we can spend more time on customizations for you.

What Does Job Shop Lean mean?

We follow a method called Job Shop Lean, inspired by the Japanese kanban manufacturing system. Each piece is custom built from pre-existing plans. However, we can make changes in size, colors and materials in seconds, adjusting our computer files to offer you a variety of options.


How do I order?

You can order an item exactly as shown on the website, or we can discuss changes that would best suit your production.

                                 to discuss pricing, customization and the logistics of shipping. We agree on price and make payment arrangements. We accept major credit cards and PayPal. When the financing is in place, we start the "build" clock, your selection will be shipped to you in 1-3 weeks (7-21 days). Most items are shipped by FedEx Freight. Sales tax if applicable will be applied.


Assembly required? What does that mean?

Most desk items are disassembled before shipping to help contain trucking costs. Some items need to be reassembled when they reach you, we promise to keep it to a minimum and that our instructions will be simple to read. Our full SetsReadyGO offerings will come with layout plans for your studio, and we have a crew of installers available if you'd like us to handle things.


Can I order chairs and stools through you?

We can package a limited range of chairs and stools with your order or you can purchase them yourself.